Sporty Chic

Últimamente el gris y el tiro relajado me fascina. Lo utilizo tanto para el día a día como para looks más formales, y es que me encanta el hecho de arriesgar al combinar el punto sport con el toque sofisticado que le aporta una camisa blanca. En esta ocasión, gracias a las prendas de Adidas Originals, bajo mi punto de vista, se consigue un efecto óptico interesante y muy chic. Algo imprescindible para pasar unas vacaciones de semana santa divertidas, relajadas y rodeado de la familia y amigos.    

Recently, grey and relaxed fit fascinates me. I use it for day to day and some more formal looks and I love the risk of combining the sporty with the sophisticated touch adding a white formal shirt. This time, thanks to Adidas Originals Clothing, in my view, I get an interesting and very chic optical effect. A must for an Easter vacation having fun, relaxing and hanging out with family and friends.  

Custom made shirt 
Adidas Originals Sweater 
Adidas Originals Shorts 
Adidas Originals Sneakers

11 thoughts on “Sporty Chic

  1. Amazing that it looks so classy just because you matched it with the shirt. Love it, it's perfect!By the way it sounds creepy, but I think I saw you exactly one year ago in Barcelona, you were standing with a beanie cap in the shopping street La Rambla, I didn't knew your blog back than.. but maybe I've just got nuts haha.xo

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